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Hey Sleeping Beauties!!!

There's going to be a lot going on for Beauty Sleep Bonnets in the next few months.

We're restocking our most popular color bonnets, we're getting rid of the bonnets with the lowest sales- Mint Night, Elegant Night, Moon Shine, & Grey Skies will not be returning.

Our popular colors will be in stock towards the end of next month.

We're going to have a new look to our website. While undergoing our website maintenance, you'll still be able to order through our DM, and we'll send you payment options. This isn't happening too soon. We'll keep you all updated on when our website is down.

We're going to have a re-launch event, possibly this summer. We're so excited about this event. You'll be able to purchase what you need at our event. There's going to be raffle tickets, food, drinks, music, and maybe a small fashion show. We'll send invites through Eventbrite once everything is finalized.

We've heard you all loud and clear, and we will be adding kid bonnets to the collection sometime this year. Also coming this year will be silk pillowcases, satin scrunchies, and more. 😉. We can't tell everything, some things are a surprise.

Thank you for supporting our small business. 💕

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